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Dean becomes tired of getting special treatment because he is a celebrity, and wants to be treated like a regular person.

His new way of life leads to him demanding that a cop give him a traffic ticket for running a stop sign, something he would have gotten away with in the past, only to learn that "normal people" often fight their traffic tickets in court.

Though Dean is not a lawyer, he believes that his experience playing one on television makes him qualified to practice law.

He decides to join his family's law firm, Sanderson & Yao, much to the chagrin of his younger brother Stewart (Fred Savage), who is a real-life lawyer.

Elsewhere, Lizzie gets upset when Stewart and Debbie allow Ethan to bring a girl over, feeling it is a double standard because they won't allow her to date.Stewart and a new hire named Claire are the only two who seem to understand that Dean's television experience does not qualify him for a job at a real law firm. is a famed actor who starred in the legal drama series The Grinder for eight seasons.After the series ends, he is left wondering what to do with his life, while temporarily living with his lawyer brother Stewart and his family.Dean encourages the law firm to take the case of a couple that was fired from their job for violating a no-dating policy.

Stewart notices that an annoying character from The Grinder is very similar to him, so he decides to be more lenient about life.Dean proposes a different storyline to Bemis, wherein Mitch starts a new life in Key West.

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Autor: Dariusz Zalewski Dużą popularność wśród nauczycieli zyskała ostatnio teoria wielorakiej inteligencji. projektów edukacyjnych propaguje teorię amerykańskiego profesora z Harvardu - Howarda Gardnera. Gardner założył istnienie ośmiu różnych inteligencji (w nowszych pismach tę liczbę powiększył do 12): matematyczno-logicznej (cecha - zamiłowanie do myślenia abstrakcyjnego), ruchowej, kinestetyczej (łatwość uczenia się przez ruch i w ruchu, zabawa, gry), muzycznej (wrażliwość na świat dźwięków, rytmu), wizualno-przestrzenna (preferowanie myślenia obrazowego, “wzrokowiec”), intrapersonalnej (głęboka samowiedza, refleksyjność), interpersonalnej (łatwa umiejętność nawiązywania kontaktów z innymi ludźmi), językowej (czytanie, pisanie, fascynacja słowem w różnej postaci) i przyrodniczej (wrażliwość na otoczenie naturalne).… continue reading »

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