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How this one building managed to survive fire, politics, and the bad taste of the 60s, I’ll never know.

But it’s one reminder that this little part of Carson City has always been dedicated to the children.

This new building was not only fireproof but also much larger, and at any given time dozens of children called it home.

The kids were treated well, with warm beds and good food.

And even though it may not seem like it, this building is the one link back to the past.

This is the one part of Sunny Acres that was not demolished, for whatever reason.

In this picture below of the orphan’s home, looking east from Stewart Street sometime probably in the 1890s, you can see the old wooden orphanage building on the left, and some other farm-type buildings to the right.

But on the far right, at the edge of the picture, is something that looks familiar.

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And remarkably, it predates even the stone building from 1903.This time the orphanage was built out of sandstone blocks quarried from the State Prison, the same blocks that make up the Capitol and several other buildings in town.

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