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11-Sep-2017 09:54

Newspaper with key news affecting France and legal, financial and health updates to make life in France easier. Despite the name, this site has advice that applies to France as a whole. About Belgium, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Spain. What can I say sometimes other than ‘this expat life is no joke’! I know from the outside people see the glitz, the glam, the travel, the benefits, etc., but from time to time, I think it is good if we all ignore that part for a bit and turn our attention to some of the more difficult moments. In fact, most expats you will meet have a wicked sense of humour and humility.

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Articles, news, forum, directory, restaurant reviews, weather forecast, information and polls for expats living in Languedoc-Rousillon.

I met other expatriates living in Paris and we tested each other out. I remember one that went so horribly wrong that when I ran into the woman a few months later in the street, I hid behind a smelly Parisian garbage can. “Parisians are the worst people ever.” No, they are grumpy and angry and VERY self-important sometimes but they are not the worst people ever. “France will suck all the life out of you.” There’s plenty still kicking around in me. Not just any old French froufrou, teacup sized dog. He dined in Michelin starred restaurants, went into Gucci, Louis Vuitton (he was about 20kg too big for that early 2000s dog bag everyone had) and had his photo taken with countless tourists.

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