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Even William Lloyd Garrison, during an acrimonious dispute among abolitionists, raised the spectre of Douglass “slumbering in the lap” of “Jezebel” Julia.By the time of his marriage to Helen Pitts, a lifetime of intrusion left him to write wearily to his Rochester friend, Amy Post, “I have had very little sympathy with the curiosity of the world about my domestic relations.” Douglass detested the hypocrisy that produced segregation and inequality.That this president would be the first to take this path is particularly fitting because he is both a product of the civil rights movement to which he connects LGBTQ rights and because he is the child of an interracial marriage.Today, critics consider gay marriage an abomination and seek legal backing for their position.Abolitionists petitioned the Massachusetts legislature to overturn prohibitions against marriages between blacks and whites throughout the 1830s.

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"It was really important for me to not have the villains in this film reflect the typical red state type who is usually categorized as being racist. "I wanted this film to explore the false sense of security one can have with the, sort of, New York liberal type." Peele, a biracial comedian married to "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" actress Chelsea Peretti, told the newspaper he didn't intend to make any comments about interracial dating.

For most of American history, however, interracial marriage was forbidden as unnatural.

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