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JANUARY 24, 1982: 49ERS WIN SUPER BOWLThe Super Bowl came north to the Detroit area, and although the game is remembered largely for the snow and the traffic , it was also the first championship for Joe Montana and Bill Walsh. MARCH 29, 1987: WRESTLEMANIAA crowd of 93,173 was on hand for Wrestlemania III, with Hulk Hogan taking on Andre the Giant in the main event.

Aretha Franklin sang 'America the Beautiful' and Bob Uecker was a guest ring announcer.

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To top it off, George’s brother Brad is killed and George inherits Brad’s “patrol special” privatized police district and all the problems that come with it.The Pontiac Silverdome was the home of the Lions from 1975 through 2001, and the NBA's Detroit Pistons also played there for a number of years.The stadium, which had a seating capacity of 82,000, initially used a fiberglass fabric roof held up by air pressure, considered innovative it its day.He said that security guards spotted flashlights in the dark and converged, but that the trespassers were able to escape over a fence.

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He speculated the intruders could have tripped over wires or even deliberately sabotaged them.

A partial implosion of the Silverdome has failed to bring down the upper section of the Detroit Lions' former home as intended.

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Sensex is the oldest market index for equities; it includes shares of 30 firms listed on the BSE, which represent about 45% of the index's free-float market capitalization.… continue reading »

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